couples hold me tight workshop

Explore and discover what helps couples build trust, closeness, intimacy, passion, and love for each other.

Hold Me Tight book, 2 workbooks and a follow up session per couple are included.

Everyday life is filled with distractions and demands, and technology leaves little room for genuine emotional connection. Yet we long for a deeper, more profound connection that transcends words, a bond that touches the very core of our being.

Imagine a space where hearts speak louder than voices, vulnerability is not a weakness but a strength, and love is not just a word but a living, breathing entity. The Hold Me Tight workshop provides a transformative journey designed to reignite the flame of love, deepen attachment bonds, and heal past hurts’ wounds.

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Hold Me Tight Workshop

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The workshop cost is $640.00 per couple. Registration deposit is $250.00. The final payment of $390.00 will be charged to your credit card on April 27, 2024.