couples hold me tight workshop

Explore and discover what helps couples to build trust, closeness, intimacy, passion and love for each other.

Hold Me Tight book, 2 workbooks and a follow up session per couple are included.

Everyday life is filled with distractions and demands, and technology leaves little room for genuine emotional connection. Yet we long for a deeper, more profound connection that transcends words, a bond that touches the very core of our being.

Imagine a space where hearts speak louder than voices, vulnerability is not a weakness but a strength, and love is not just a word but a living, breathing entity. The Hold Me Tight workshop provides a transformative journey designed to reignite the flame of love, deepen attachment bonds, and heal past hurts’ wounds.

Developed by the renowned psychologist Dr. Sue Johnson and led by Jack Gershfeld, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, the Hold Me Tight workshop is a beacon of hope for couples seeking to revitalize their relationship. During the workshop, Jack and his team gently guide participants through enlightening exercises, heartfelt discussions, heart-touching videos, and tender moments of connection.

At the heart of the workshop lies the revolutionary concept of attachment – the innate human need for emotional closeness and security.

Through experiential learning and compassionate guidance, couples delve into the intricacies of their attachment patterns, unraveling the knots of fear and insecurity that may have entangled their relationship.

Participants are gently encouraged to explore their emotions, express their needs and fears, and listen openly to their partner’s desires with each conversation. In this safe and nurturing environment, old wounds are tenderly healed, misunderstandings are resolved, and barriers to intimacy are compassionately dismantled.

The magic of the Hold Me Tight workshop extends far beyond two days. It permeates every aspect of life, infusing relationships with newfound understanding, empathy, and connection. Couples emerge from the workshop with renewed love and the tools and insights to navigate the challenges ahead.

If you yearn for a deeper connection with your partner, long to rediscover the joy of being seen and heard and dream of a relationship that will stand the test of time, then the Hold Me Tight workshop awaits you.

Embark on this transformative journey with your loved one and discover the magic of connection. Your hearts will thank you, and your relationship will flourish in ways you never thought possible.