teens 13 to 17 YEARS OLD

Helping individuals, couples and families throughout the world.

Couple Therapy in Orange County

Is your child struggling with mental health issues? They aren’t alone. At least 1 in 7 teens struggle with a treatable mental health condition. Our therapists are trained to meet your teen right where they are and help them navigate a crucial time in their lives. This is the time when they ask themselves: Who am I? Where do I belong? Do I fit in? Am I worthy of love? Do I matter?

Our therapists focus on helping your teen to identify their feelings and develop the self-regulation skills to manage day-to-day challenges. We help your teen increase self-awareness and self-esteem and learn new tools that improve and enhance interpersonal relationships.

The new insights and skills will help your teen navigate their stage of development, and further prepare them for the next stage. One of the best gifts you can give your teen is better acceptance of themselves.

We are experienced in working with teenagers: Anxiety, Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Substance Abuse, Family Divorce, Grief/Loss, Self-Esteem, Emotional Regulation, Identity Formation, Relationship Building, Suicidal Ideation, Family Support, Peer Pressure, Homelife Struggles, Academic Pressure, Conflict Resolution Strategies, Self-Harm, Bullying, Life Changes.

Therapy appointments are scheduled once per week to build momentum, commitment, and progress. Both online and in-person sessions are available.