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Couple Therapy in Orange County

We assist families in finding balance and improving their quality of life. Generational behavior patterns, stressful events, societal pressures, and other life stressors can contribute to a feeling of disconnection within a family system.

We work with parents, children, and other family members to improve communication, strengthen interpersonal and relational skills, stop the perpetual distractive cycle, restore connectivity and promote the development of healthy family relationships.

We offer space for the whole family to meet and facilitate the restoration process.

Our Marriage and Family Therapists Trainees and Associates are explicitly trained to work with family dynamics and help families to reconnect. We offer a safe, judgment-free, welcoming environment to join our families in their healing process.

We work with empty nest struggles, separation, re-discovery, new careers, blended families, family member loss, retirement, and adult child-parent relationships.

Family therapy appointments are typically scheduled once per two weeks to build momentum, commitment, and progress.