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Couple Therapy in Orange County

We are born with an innate need to be connected with other people. Staying close to people we love is necessary for our survival and a sense of well-being. Feeling disconnected from our intimate partner can make us feel anxious, lost, alone, and helpless.


Reach out to us when you experience relationship distress. We know how to help you to navigate through your relationship distress. Don’t wait until you are exhausted, overwhelmed, and ready to give up. Many couples try to navigate through their difficulties alone and find that it is an impossible task.


We can help you reconnect by providing a safe and encouraging environment where you feel heard, understood, and accepted the way you are.


We provide the tools to heal and protect your relationship from further distress. There is still hope!


We work with addictions, physical and emotional affairs, communication difficulties, verbal fights, loss of romance and intimacy, parenting, and life decisions.


Our therapist will join you and your partner to identify, develop, and utilize the skills to rebuild the connection and inoculate your relationship so you can thrive.


Together, we will work through any past hurts, regrets, fears, and resentment that may be getting in the way. Reach out to us and let us help you and your partner to restore and put your relationship back on track. Do not suffer one more day.


Therapy appointments are typically scheduled once per week to build momentum, commitment, and progress.