Judy Tam


Welcome! I am an Asian American therapist seeking to create a healing and non-blaming environment for you to safely explore and redefine your relationships, problems, and narratives while deepening your connection with yourself and others.

Each person enters therapy with a unique set of values, lived experiences, emotions, challenges, and more. Therefore, I recognize the importance of creating an individualized experience for my clients, as each person’s healing journey varies greatly.

Through collaborative conversations and questions, I approach sessions with a focus on nurturing feelings and creating new relational habits that align with your goals, strengths, and values. I believe that my clients are the experts in their lives, and I offer support by unraveling problem stories and identifying what it is that gets in the way of your preferred life and relationships. During sessions, I encourage clients to lead with curiosity and embrace vulnerability – by leaning into compassion, openness, and humility, we can create a collaborative environment in which we are able to work toward more fulfilling relationships and self-acceptance.

My work as an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist is grounded in narrative therapy and influenced by the processes of emotionally focused therapy and internal family systems. I work with clients living with a variety of concerns, including perfectionism, racial/sexual/cultural identity, anxiety, low self-esteem, body image, interpersonal relationships, depression, trauma, and ADHD. Above all, my therapeutic approach focuses on viewing individuals within the context of their unique relationships, cultures, and identified communities.